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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)

VITA is an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved program to help low to moderate-income taxpayers complete their annual tax returns at no cost.

VITA and the Council of the Southern Mountains

The Council of the Southern Mountains conducts VITA annually, resulting in thousands of southern West Virginia families being assisted and millions of dollars in State and Federal returns being generated for local taxpayers.

This is a tremendous asset to our community that helps save residents the cost of tax filing. This allows for that money to go back into the local economy and aid residents in this economically distressed time. 

How to Qualify 

VITA sites generally assist people who make $55,000 or less annually. Or, people who are eligible for Earned Income Tax Credits or other low-income tax benefits. 

For more information about tax assistance, contact:

Council of the Southern Mountains
P: (304) 436-6800

CSM VITA Statistics

The following are facts and statistics referring to The Council of the Southern Mountains VITA program and its benefits to taxpayers.

  • Taxpayers report they have received their refunds through the CSM VITA program just as fast as any other method they have filed with in the past.

  • VITA is filed electronically through an IRS-trained volunteer at no cost to the taxpayer.

  • According to the National Society of Accountants, the average cost of a professional income tax preparer to handle a typical tax return is $273.00. 

  • This includes an itemized Form 1040 with Schedule A and a state tax return.

  • The Council of the Southern Mountains has saved area residents an average of $170,000 in tax preparation charges annually for the last five years.

  • This money goes directly back into the local community and provides aid to residents. 

  • According to a recent visit by an IRS representative, the number of people served and the amount of the refunds conducted through CSM VITA sets a record for this social service agency. It was related that the agency is 3rd in the state of West Virginia in the number of returns and financial impact.

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